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Circular Poetry Contributor: John Wainwright

These contributions to the Letter.Box.Stamp.Collect. project are from John Wainwright with three pieces called Moon Goddesses, Square the Circle and linked ku – Spring.  John had this to say about the connection between Moon Goddesses and the project: Moon Goddesses is one of a set called “Poems I Found on the Moon”. It is a list of names … Continue reading

Circular Poetry Contributor: Cindy Keong

This contribution to the Letter.Box.Stamp.Collect. project is from photographer and poet, Cindy Keong with her piece called Dad Turns 80. You can see more of Cindy’s work at her blog and she will be featuring at Queensland Poetry Festival in the In Rapt Calm session with Stuart Cooke and Paul Vermeersch on Saturday 24th August.

Circular Poetry Contributor: Graham Nunn

Our next contribution to the Letter.Box.Stamp.Collect project is from poet Graham Nunn. The poem is called Eleanor naked and this is what Graham has to say about it: Eleanor naked, was written in Eleanor Dark’s studio (or as I like to say, in the Dark Studio) during a week at Varuna. It is part of a longer, fractured narrative … Continue reading

Circular Poetry Contributor: Matt Hetherington

Here is poet Matt Hetherington‘s contribution to the Letter.Box.Stamp.Collect. project. His poem is called Poem to be Lived Backwards, and first appeared in the Out of Order E-Zine. This is what Matt had to say about connecting the poem with the project: I wanted to write a poem that you could read both forward and backwards, … Continue reading

Circular Poetry Contributor: Nathan Curnow

Our second interactive contribution to the Letter.Box.Stamp.Collect. project is from poet Nathan Curnow with his poem Dreamfish. This poem appears in Nathan’s first collection No Other Life But This (Five Islands Press). Nathan describes his connection between the poem and the project: I  like to think of Dreamfish as a surreal little trip, a poem … Continue reading

Circular Poetry Contributor: Anna Jacobson

Our very first interaction with the Letter.Box.Stamp.Collect. project is from Brisbane multidisciplinary artist Anna Jacobson with her circular piece The Song Pearls. You can find more of Anna’s work at http://annajacobson.com.au/.

Letter.Box.Stamp.Collect. Poet: Jacqueline Turner

anticipation and reception align and the desire side of the curve slips and so it gushes forth without end  ~ from ‘Perpetual’ by Jacqueline Turner Canadian poet Jacqueline Turner was the inaugural Poet-in-Residence and makes a welcome return with the Letter.Box.Stamp.Collect. project. She is appearing at the Queensland Poetry Festival this year and talks about … Continue reading

About the Letter.Box.Stamp.Collect. project

The essential matrimonial facts: that to be happy you have to find variety in repetition; that to go forward you have to come back to where you begin.  ~ Jeffrey Eugenides The idea for the Letter.Box.Stamp.Collect. project emerged after I learnt about the 19th Century hobby of Letterboxing. What a magnificent concept; after traipsing over hill and … Continue reading

Letter.Box.Stamp.Collect. Poet: Shane Rhodes

There is no end, now, to what we run away from or to. ~ from ‘Driving’ by Shane Rhodes This year’s Poet-in-Residence is Canadian poet Shane Rhodes who will be involved in many events during the festival. Here he talks history, counter discourse and about the stamp he designed for Letter.Box.Stamp.Collect. Your work has been described … Continue reading

Letter.Box.Stamp.Collect. Poet: Jacob Polley

All night the mind had dreamed itself clean. ~ from ‘Outer banks, N.C.’ by Jacob Polley Joining our letterboxing journey is UK poet Jacob Polley. Jacob was the Poet-in-Residence for 2011 and recently released his T. S. Eliot Prize nominated collection The Havocs. Here he talks rivers, collaboration, the sound of water and his contribution to the Letter.Box.Stamp.Collect. … Continue reading

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