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Letter.Box.Stamp.Collect. Poet: Emily XYZ

I wanna hear a little revolution ~ from ‘Revolution’ by Emily XYZ New York poet Emily XYZ  has been a treasured part of the Queensland Poetry Festival in some form since 2006 and was the Poet-in Residence in 2010. Here she incorporates conceptual art, music composition and place in her contribution to the Letter.Box.Stamp.Collect. project. When … Continue reading

Letter.Box.Stamp.Collect. Poet: angela rawlings

Laid in narrow tissues or in in soft theta curving of the innocence of narrow issues; in curves of nonsense lie in no sense in soft curving rows of tissue curves of of innocence narrow soft curves of innocence from O: egg – insomnia by a. rawlings It seems only yesterday that angela rawlings was Poet-in-Residence … Continue reading

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