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Circular Poetry Contributor: Sally Browne

The final contribution to the Letter.Box.Stamp.Collect. project comes from poet and many-pronged writer Sally Browne, with a piece that has crossed the oceans. Sally says of her response to the project:

I loved the idea of Pascalle Burton’s Letter.Box.Stamp.Collect. when I first heard about it. As I knew I would be overseas at the time of the Queensland Poetry Festival, I decided to take the ‘letter’ and ‘stamp’ portions of her concept literally and send her a postcard. The poem I chose is Yoghurt, which is circular in nature as it ends where it begins, like the ouroboros serpent swallowing its tale. I picked up the postcard in Portland and posted it in the tiny town of Fairfax, California, because that is the nature of travel. Is travel circular in nature too? Because I don’t want to come home.

You can read Sally’s blog or her web comics at ilikeluvcomics.com and roflandmao.com You can also find her at @sallybee19 on Twitter.

Sally Browne

Sally Browne 001


I’m tired of eating yoghurt when I really want chocolate

I’m tired of eating chocolate when I really want love

I’m sick of chasing love when I really want god

I’m sick of searching for god when I really miss my father

I’m tired of looking for my father when I need to find myself

I’m tired of myself; I think I’ll have some yoghurt


2 thoughts on “Circular Poetry Contributor: Sally Browne

  1. That’s great Sally, and yes circular. I was overseas and missed the QPF as well but didn’t know about this Letter Box Stamp Collect of Pascalle’s. Saw Speed Poets at the Writers Festival over the weekend. A local guy called Andrew Phillips blew me away. It was looking him up on the net that led me to here.

    Posted by Garry Williams | September 9, 2013, 1:26 pm


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