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Letter.Box.Stamp.Collect. Poet: Jacqueline Turner

anticipation and reception align and the desire side of the curve slips and so it gushes forth without end  ~ from ‘Perpetual’ by Jacqueline Turner Canadian poet Jacqueline Turner was the inaugural Poet-in-Residence and makes a welcome return with the Letter.Box.Stamp.Collect. project. She is appearing at the Queensland Poetry Festival this year and talks about … Continue reading

About the Letter.Box.Stamp.Collect. project

The essential matrimonial facts: that to be happy you have to find variety in repetition; that to go forward you have to come back to where you begin.  ~ Jeffrey Eugenides The idea for the Letter.Box.Stamp.Collect. project emerged after I learnt about the 19th Century hobby of Letterboxing. What a magnificent concept; after traipsing over hill and … Continue reading

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